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Flaunt Thick Long Hair Naturally Using These Wonderful Remedies

Long Hair

Thick, lustrous hair is what all of us desire of since it definitely enhances the overall personality and appearance of an individual. But, unfortunately, in today’s times, this has become a far fledged dream for everyone. Unhealthy lifestyles, pollution in water and air, adoption of very harmful chemicals and techniques for hair styling, to get that perfect short-term look. There are some unavoidable medical issues also like aging, thyroid, cancer and other ailments which lead to heavy hair fall.

Finally, people have awakened to this brutal treatment we are doing to our hair ignorantly and are moving toward nature-based remedies for beauty and hair care. has listed few really nice range of natural ingredient based shampoos, oils and other hair products of various brands from the world over. has recently featured a story hair care remedies using natural products, and healthy lifestyle practices which have existed and used for years by our ancient civilizations but have been lost in the new age scientific advancement.
The earth has been blessed with beautiful natural which is self-sufficient to take care of humans, flora, and fauna living on it. If we sensibly use certain nature’s sources, it offers remedies to all our troubles and that too without any side effect. Some of such home remedies for getting thick hair are:

1. Eggs: We need protein to strengthen hair. The egg has an adequate level of protein which helps in strengthening roots, rebuilding damaged split ends and add more shine and bounce of the hair. Usually, it should be applied by mixing it with olive oil or coconut oil. Apply this solution and message well to ensure it reaches deep roots. Leave it for 2 minutes and then rinse well using shampoo with cold water. Repeating this process few times a week gives wonderful results.

2. Orange juice and pulp: It helps in enhancing the growth of hair, thickening and especially the removal of dandruff which in extreme cases causes skin problems. Applying it once a week for 30 minutes is really advantageous for thick hair.

3. Regular oil massage with coconut or olive oil: Coconut oil has a special type of protein which strengthens the roots of the hair. Olive oil has omega 3 fatty acid which is necessary for thickening of hair. Regular massage with hot towel treatment ensures penetration of oil onto the dry scalp appropriately and gives a healthier look to the hair.

4. Avocado and Aloe Vera: Avocado adds to the shine, thickness and overall health of hair. Applying it by mixing it with olive oil on damped hair works as a conditioner and beautifies the hair texture. Aloe Vera has been universally known for its medicinal properties which help in curing multiple health problems as well as enhances the smoothness, feel and look of skin and hair.

There are more such natural remedies which can be tried to improve the health o your hair. Apart from externally applying things, definitely our eating habits also affect the growth and thickness of hair. The balanced diet plan which includes nutrients like mineral, vitamin C, vitamin B, copper, zinc and of course protein drastically affects the overall health of skin and hair. Drinking lots of water is a key for healthy and beautiful looking body. Following a systematic lifestyle, right food, good sleep, and cleaner surrounding enhance our inner as well as outer health.

Guide To Buying An E-Liquid

Buying An E-Liquid

Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling water vapor with the help of an electric device called an e-cigarette. It is considered nicotine-free when compared to the traditional style of smoking a cigarette. If you have turned to vaping, there are few things to know before you get started. Some of the best eliquid site will offer you a variety of vape flavors. The importance of switching to e-cigarettes has been featured on the site

An e-liquid consists of four components: VG, PG, nicotine and flavoring. PG refers to Propylene Glycol that is commonly used as a preservative for food. Vegetable Glycerine or VG is used in certain foods. Traces of these components are found in few medicines and even smoke machines that you would have noticed on the dance floor.

Significance of VG and PG
What is the role of these two substances when you set about buying an e-liquid? You will notice a label that describes the e-liquid as high, or you might see a description that reads 80PG/20VG. It means that the vaping liquid has 80 parts of PG and the remaining 20 parts are VG.

Any e-liquid with 50 parts or more of VG is classified as high, and max VG has zero traces of PG. Does it make any difference? A lot. Substances with a high concentration of PG have a typical throat hit that is similar to the experience while inhaling tobacco. This is almost similar to smoking a cigarette.

If you notice a higher concentration of VG, it is soft on your throat and the vapor produced is dense and fluffy like a cloud.

Choosing the right e-liquid
Once you are familiar with the components in the e-liquid, the next deciding factor is the type of gadget used for vaping. When you use an MTL or mouth-to-lung device, you draw the vapor inside your mouth and then release them after a while. This requires an e-liquid that has a high concentration of PG or equal volumes of the PG and VG. If you have just shifted from smoking, this seems a good option as it is close to smoking and gives you an instant throat hit.

Other smoking devices will require the e-liquid to contain large volumes of VG. On vaping, you will produce fluffy clouds of smoke, and you inhale directly into the lungs. Ask yourself if you want to your vaping experience to be similar to smoking or would you rather prefer a billow of smoke like a fire-wielding dragon.

Strength of nicotine
The presence of nicotine in an e-liquid is measured in milligrams or mg. If you come across a product that says 13 mg of nicotine per millilitre, it is simply referred to as 13mg liquid. For the MTL device, you can pick any an e-liquid with any amount of nicotine. On the contrary, if you prefer a cloud appliance, the recommended value is 6mg.

You can experiment with a variety of flavors as there is always something nice for everyone. Since the concept of taste is subjective, it is recommended that you try a flavor that is nice. You can pick from fruity flavors, beverages and mint flavored e-liquid.

At the end of the day, whichever flavor or smoking device you choose, enjoy the vaping experience completely.

How To Prepare Yerba Tea – Traditional Way

Yerba Tea

Yerba Mate tea is a brew popular among South Americans. It was discovered by the people of Paraguay and has amazing nutrients and also has a lot of rejuvenating properties. Yerba tea is a traditional drink made by dunking the leaves in hot water. There are many ways by which you can make this Yerba Mate preparation, but the traditional a good yerba mate recipe is bitter to taste. Due to its various health benefits, the consumption of this drink has picked up, states sites like

South Americans consume Yerba tea hot and cold. The tea is prepared in a special container called the Mate gourd which is the traditional gourd. Nowadays, you can find ceramic, metal or wooden cups to prepare Yerba tea. To sip the tea, a bombilla is used. A bombilla is a metal straw and has a strainer at the end. This brew is pretty straightforward to prepare and is done via both, traditional or modern methods.

Traditional way of preparing Yerba Mate Tea

Take a kettle or any other container and boil some water.
Take a well-cured gourd and add a few tablespoons of Yerba tea leaves into it.
Immediately, cover the mouth of the cup with your hand or a small plate and move it back and forth to give it a gentle stir. This quick stir will mix the tea with the water evenly without leaving any heavy stems at the bottom.
Keep the gourd inclined to one side. Now dip the bombilla inside the gourd against the tea leaves so that the strainer end of the bombilla keeps the leaves intact.
Add a little cold or room temperature water into the cup and rest it for a few seconds. This process of adding room temperature water helps retain the flavour as well as the not damage the nutrients.
Now add hot water from the kettle which is about 160-180 °F to the gourd. The water should not be boiling as this makes the brew bitter.

Curing the Mate Gourd

A Yerba Mate gourd should be cured if you are using it for the first time. The gourd has soft tissues which are bitter and has a flavour of the cup. By seasoning the gourd, you are going to remove that bitterness as well as the taste coming from the container. Below are the steps you have to follow to cure it.

Place a few tablespoons Yerba Mate inside the gourd
Fill the cup completely with boiling water. Let it rest for a day.
Pour out the mixture from the gourd and rinse it. Under running water, using a metal spoon scrape out the soft tissue which is inside the gourd. Be careful not to remove the centre stem of the cup.
You will have to repeat the process for a few more times.
Leave it to dry in sunlight for 2 days. The gourd is ready to be used.

Yerba Mate has to be drunk bitter to get all the health benefits it has, but you can drink it with a little honey or sugar. However, sweetening the Yerba Mate, is not recommended.

How Useful Is Battery Reconditioning?

ez battery

People who have made use of EZ battery reconditioning have found it to be helpful and reliable. The safe ez battery reconditioning review which you get on reliable online sites are really helpful in deciding the best one for you. Sites such as will surely let you know a great deal in this regard. The power needs of far too many people are taken care of by the use of batteries. In fact, almost all individuals in the civilized world make use of some battery on a daily basis. Various everyday things such as watches, phones, laptops and much more will not be able to function unless and until their battery has the desired amount of power.

The quality of a battery also depends on some factors. The material used in making the battery matters a lot. The chemicals put in the battery store chemical energy. So, the chemicals which form the interior of a battery also play a vital role in making sure that the quality of the battery is pretty good. In the recent past, a lot of stress and emphasis has been laid upon renewable and alternative sources regarding energy. But the usage of batteries has not died down. The reason behind this is that the storage of solar and wind energy is also not possible without the use of batteries in an intelligent manner.

Replacing the battery of your smartphone or your laptop is not at all tough. But it can be a very costly affair. The reason behind this is that at some point in time all batteries become incapable of storing energy anymore. High-quality batteries last for a longer time. Inferior quality batteries do not last for a very long time. But in the end, both high, as well as low-quality batteries, go to their grave. At such a time, you will have no option but to go out and buy a new battery. If you opt for EZ battery reconditioning, then the battery which is about to go to its grave may be brought to life and rejuvenated.

The increase in popularity of EZ battery reconditioning and rejuvenation reflects that fact that a lot of people are dependent upon various types of batteries. The increased frequency of usage of EZ battery reconditioning and rejuvenation also indicates that people are fed up with paying so much money for a new battery on such a frequent basis. The truth is that EZ battery reconditioning and rejuvenation can allow an old battery to function at its full capacity. So, you will be able to get your hands on all the benefits of a new battery, but you will not need to buy a new battery.

The range of the variety of batteries for which EZ battery reconditioning and rejuvenation can be effective is pretty broad. So, you will be able to utilize a single solution, i.e. EZ battery reconditioning and rejuvenation for various needs. It will be very practical and sensible on your part if you opt for EZ battery reconditioning and rejuvenation because it is very cost effective as well.

Instructions Of Interior Painting

As does outdoor painting, interior painting needs as attentive planning of surfaces. The development of paints that are odorless makes it possible to paint any period of the year. Previously, most interior painting in the house was done in spring or the autumn, when it was possible to leave the windows open to ventilate the room. But open windows brought dust into the room to mar the finished painted surface.

An excellent inside paint occupation is frequently 50% groundwork and painting that is 50%. In preparing the surfaces in your eagerness to get in the brush or roller, don’t hurry. You will be back with all the paint brush or roller in a month or two should you not prepare the surfaces correctly.

In this part you’ll find the required info regarding the use of various kinds of paints on several interior ceiling, wall and flooring stuff.


New dry plaster in good shape, which will be finished with a paint besides water paint, ought to be given a coating of primer-sealer and let to dry completely before being scrutinized for uniformity of look. Variations in color and shine differences in the instance of primers that are tinted signal whether the entire surface has been fully sealed. If not, another layer of primer-sealer ought to be applied. If just a few “suction places” are clear, another layer over these regions might be adequate.

A level, semi gloss, or high-polish finish could be applied to the primed surface. For a finish that is flat, the priming coat should be followed by two layers of flat wall paint. For a semigloss one layer of flat wall paint finish and one layer of semi gloss paint ought to be applied to the primed surface. For a high-polish finish, one layer of semi gloss paint and one layer of high-gloss enamel ought to be utilized over the priming coat.

Before applying water paints of the kind that is calcimine to new plastered walls they ought to be sized, using either a paste-water size or, in the event the plaster is dry, a thin varnish or primer-sealer.

Chilly water paints of the casein kind could be applied either to a surface that was plastered, or the surface may be given a coating of primer-sealer to equalize suction effects that were irregular. The same is true of resin-emulsion paints, with the suggestions of the maker of the merchandise being given preference in the event of uncertainty. Since resin-emulsion paints generally contain some oil in the binder, they ought to normally be used simply to plaster that has dried completely.

Feel wall paints are often utilized on plaster surfaces. The edges of this kind of paint are that one layer relieves the monotony of flat paint that is smooth and economically creates a textured ornamentation. In addition, it covers spots or fractures in the plaster more fully than normal wall paint. The disadvantages of texture wall paint are that they are not simple to restore to a smooth finish and Gather debris. These substances are accessible as water-or oil-based paints, are thicker than normal wall paints, and could possibly be applied to plaster together with wallboard to make textured effects including Spanish, arbitrary, assignment, and multicolored.

Composition Wallboard

Composition wallboard generally presents no special painting problems in the event the normal precautions are found, including making certain the surface is dry and free from oil and grease. The painting process for wallboard is the same as for plaster; it takes a sealing and priming layer followed by whatever finishes layers are wanted, or could be given one-layer resin or level -emulsion type paint.


Water-thinned paint could possibly be applied to wallpaper that’s good- bonded to the wall and will not include dyes that might bleed into the paint. One depth of wallpaper is preferable for paint application. Paints other than those of the water-thinned kind are often applied to wallpaper by following the directions given for painting plaster. Nevertheless, wallpaper coated with this type of paint is tough to remove without harm to the plaster.

Wood Walls and Trim

Wood trim and new interior walls ought to be smoothed with sandpaper and dusted before varnishing or painting. To maintain the grain of the wood, the surface waxed, varnished or shellacked, and might be rubbed with linseed oil. Whether an opaque finish is wanted, semigloss paint thinned with 1 pint of turpentine per gallon of paint or the primer-sealer formerly described for walls could be put to use as a priming coat on wood. A couple of layers of semi gloss paint should subsequently be applied over the prime coating that is completely dry, or if a total-polish finish is wanted, the final layer ought to be a high-gloss enamel.

How to Make Amazing Crafts with Kids

Arts & crafts with children!

There are innumerable reasons why this is an excellent thought to do arts and crafts with your children. For one, working on crafts & arts helps to hone children’s imagination. Crafts and Arts can additionally help sharing and encourage teamwork, in addition to offering an ideal chance to bond and discover new interests that are common. Crafts and Arts also enable children to express themselves, even at quite young ages. However, despite every one of these positives, for getting your children, the top reason is that it’s interesting! There isn’t any need to stress if you’re panicking you will not find out the best way to lead your son or daughter through their very first craft; there are a lot of arts and crafts ideas for all ages from preschoolers upward through teen artists.

Best practices for doing arts & crafts with children

1. Do not ask “What’s it?” when you’re befuddled as to the identity of your child’s closing development. Simply request your child allow them to describe the method by which they see their development, and to inform you about their art or craft.

2. There’ll be a wreck. There’s nothing you are able to do about it. The moment you make that realization, the entire experience will likely be a lot more satisfying. Really, sometimes it’s even vital that you make a wreck. Require that knowledge to plan. Get your children a sizable clear workspace, and give them the chance to be creative without needing to be concerned about getting paint on your own new Persian carpet

2. Making crafts and arts is imagined to be about using your imagination. Because of this, make an effort not to reveal your children a finished craft as an example. Let your children learn to interpret the directions to be able to really be creative as they want. This may also provide your children an excellent lesson on the top approaches accommodate and to follow directions.

4. Making crafts and arts needs lots of focus. Because of this, it’s a good idea to get your children to calm down a bit before putting them in front of scissors and adhesive.

Fundamental equipment for making crafts with children & arts

The same as your kitchen pantry, a child’s craft drawer ought to have a couple staples. While you may want something more unique for crafts that are unique, for the large part you’ll have the capacity to get by with the following list: child-friendly paint, scissors, crayons, etc. It is additionally a good thought to maintain a drawer stocked with construction paper, beads, glitter, paint brushes, glue sticks, and the ever popular “wiggly eyes.”

The instruction benefit of crafts & arts

Crafts and Arts might be utilized to implement hands on learning to any area. Using crafts this method helps children believe more in depth about the topic of craft jobs or their art. Just about any subject matter could be educated using arts & crafts with a tiny imagination. For example, should you be learning about world geography, you might possess the children make a tissue paper earth.

Learn about history, vacations, and any other subject your children should study. Even mathematics could be enriched through crafts and arts. Don’t forget that school is not the only place children should be learning; your children will be excited to learn if you make learning fun with interactive arts and crafts projects and considerably more willing.

Some thoughts for kids’ arts & crafts

Children’ arts and crafts could be easy and fast to maintain the eye of onthego toddles. They can be complicated and innovative for mature children who are up to a challenge. To get a notion of the range of crafts and arts jobs out there, take a visit to your local arts and crafts teacher’s supply shop or store. These shops will have pre-constructed craft clothing, including painting kits, jewelry artwork, and other craft ideas. Each kit will come with all the materials and directions you need.

Another great thought, once you’ve got some expertise, is to walk artwork and craft shops to search for kids’ artwork thoughts. Below are some thoughts: attempt straw painting, where children can make arts and crafts by blowing paint by means of a straw on a poster board or construction paper; or let your children dunk marbles in paint and roll them across the painting surface for a dirty (but interesting!) painting job. In case you are seeking something somewhat less cluttered then attempt pipe cleaner artwork. Because children of all ages can join in, this is really a remarkable craft. Young kids may use their imaginations to generate simple things out of pipe cleaners. Older children may enjoy integrating other materials like beads into pipe cleaner artwork.

Nail Art Tutorial

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